How to Use a Mast Climbing Device Safely

Mast climbing is an excellent way to save time and money compared to building scaffolding. However, mast climbers require extra training and equipment to use safely.Find out

A safety line should be used with every mast climbing device. This can be a primary halyard, or a secondary line that is attached to the bosun chair and climber’s harness. Having the second line helps the climber work at a safe height and reduces the strain on the primary halyard, which could be a potential fall hazard if the climber falls and breaks a line or stanchion.

Common Applications of Mast Climbing in Various Industries

This is especially important when a crew member is working aloft below the person using the device. A fall from a device that is out of control is dangerous for the worker, but also poses a serious risk to other crew members. This is why it’s critical that the person using a mast climber not stand directly below someone else, unless the other person is wearing a full-body harness.

Another common method of getting up the mast involves using a ladder or rigging an ascender to use as a ladder. This requires a lot of safety lines to work, and can be very unstable when there’s a breeze or waves. This method is also difficult to descend, as there aren’t many soft places to fall to below the spreaders – especially in storm conditions. I recommend using two safety lines, a Klemheist knot and a secondary line to help the climber descend safely.

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