YouTube Views Panel by The YT Lab

If there’s one question we get asked more than any other, it’s “How many views does the average video really get?” It comes from content creators who want to know if their videos are getting noticed, brands that are thinking about using paid campaigns to boost visibility, and marketers who just want to set a realistic KPI for their teams.

YouTube Views Panel views are an important metric because they indicate that your video is interesting and has engaged viewers. They also help YouTube’s algorithm prioritize your content in search results and recommendations, so the more you can rack up, the better.

However, it’s also important to focus on other metrics like watch time, which indicates how much time users are spending engaging with your video. YouTube’s algorithm assumes that a longer time spent watching a video means it’s more engaging, and therefore will elevate it in search results and recommendation algorithms.

Increasing your total watch time can also increase the chances of your videos being monetized, as a higher number of watched hours can lead to an increase in channel income from ads displayed on videos. Having high engagement in the form of comments, likes and shares can also have a positive impact on your monetization rates.

YouTube Views Panel by The YT Lab: A Closer Look

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