How to Stop Instagram Spam With CommentGuard

How to stop instagram spam? Spam on Instagram can be a major nuisance for your brand. It can damage your reputation, compromise engagement metrics, and interfere with genuine user interactions. While Instagram offers some tools to battle spam bots, they are limited and don’t provide full protection. That’s why CommentGuard helps you fight the battle against spammers by providing a powerful auto-moderation tool.

How do I stop Instagram spam bots?

Instagram users appreciate when brands interact with them, whether it’s replying to their comments or answering queries. However, ignoring spam messages can leave a negative impression on your brand image. Spam messages are also a waste of your time, since they can be difficult to delete.

The most common way to deal with spam is to report it on Instagram. The platform’s community guidelines stipulate that accounts can be deleted if they contain “photographs or videos of sexual intercourse, nudity (except for semi-nude or posing provocatively), and explicit language.”

You can also set your account to private so that only approved followers can view your posts. This will make it more difficult for spammers to find your account and follow you back. However, it is not a complete solution, because even private accounts appear in search results.

Another method of dealing with spam is to use hashtags that are less popular. It’s easier for spammers to use popular hashtags, which means that you have more chances of being targeted by them. To avoid this, you can use more specific hashtags that are more focused on your business. You can also use the in-app settings to hide spam comments and message requests.

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