Buy Magic Mushrooms in Toronto

buy magic mushrooms toronto

With the popularity of microdosing, more people are turning to buy magic mushrooms toronto as a natural hallucinogen that can help boost creativity, foster empathy and reduce anxiety. The psychedelic mushrooms contain the psychoactive ingredient psilocybin, which is responsible for creating the hallucinations that many users experience. Psilocybin can also increase feelings of well-being and connection to others, which is why some tech startups and creatives are embracing it as a way to improve workplace productivity.

Unlike other drugs that are illegal to sell without a prescription, magic mushroom stores are opening across Canada, attracting regular customers. One of them, located in a residential neighbourhood on the west side of Toronto, is branded with a logo that resembles a unicorn and is called Fun Guyz. The shop is the 11th in the chain since it launched six months ago. The co-owner says his goal is to legalize the sale of psilocybin mushrooms on a similar path as cannabis.

Shrooming in the 6ix: Navigating Toronto’s Magic Mushroom Scene

The store has a minimalist vibe. There is magic mushroom art on the wall, books about mushrooms and a menu displayed on two screens that lists options to buy gummies, drinks or dried magic mushrooms. A customer can buy up to four grams of mushrooms. A gram of magic mushrooms is about $10, while an ounce costs $200. Customers have to show identification and are limited in how much they can buy, Kagan says.

Purchasing psilocybin mushrooms from Zoomies, a Canadian-based online shop, is safe and convenient. The company delivers psilocybin to many parts of Canada including Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton. Ontario is a beautiful province with exciting cities, stunning lakes and plenty of recreational activities.

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