How to Obtain Green Card After PhD

Green cards are a key part of any immigration process – and there’s a lot of information to be consumed when it comes to getting one. If you are a PhD student or holder, then there are some special rules that apply to your particular circumstances.

Can I get green card after PhD?

The most common way that foreign nationals get a obtain green card after phd is through the Permanent Labor Certification process. This means that their employer must go through a series of steps including placing ads in Sunday newspapers and conducting online recruitment, to demonstrate that there are not enough US workers available for the job. This can be difficult for jobs that don’t involve scientific research. But, as a STEM PhD you have the ability to avoid this process and instead obtain your green card based on your own research accomplishments.

Specifically, you can file your I-140 petition under the EB-1 category if you have made significant contributions that are useful in your field. The required documentation will vary based on the specific green card category – but it will usually include awards, publications, patents, and other similar evidence that you have received recognition in your field for your work.

If you are a STEM PhD, then you have the added benefit of being able to file for your EB-2 NIW (national interest waiver) green card while you’re still in F-1 status. However, there are many other requirements that must be met in order to qualify for this option – which is why it’s important to consult with an immigration attorney and explore your options before you start the petitioning process.

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