Aerial Lift Maintenance

lift maintenance

Aerial lift maintenance is crucial to keep equipment running smoothly, safely and reliably. Regular maintenance will maximise the return on investment and help to extend equipment life, boosting resale value in the future.

The type of maintenance required for a lift will depend on its usage patterns, location and age. A modern office building may follow a recurring pattern of high daily usage, while a low rise hotel may have more sporadic use.

Regardless of the usage pattern, it is important to pay attention to any issues that may arise such as faulty sensors, malfunctioning doors and unusual noises. Prompt attention to maintenance problems can avoid nuisance complaints and costly repairs and ensure uninterrupted service for building occupants.

Elevate Your Building’s Performance: Hiring the Right Lift Maintenance Contractors

When choosing a lift maintenance contractor, make sure that the company is certified to perform work on your elevators and that their technicians have the necessary training. You should also inquire about the contractor’s experience with your lift model and ask for references from other businesses that have used their services.

When servicing an elevator, the technician should ensure that all mechanical components such as the emergency stop button, alarm and lights are functioning properly. They should also inspect the hoistway to check that it is free of obstructions, rodents and vandalism. The contractor should have the appropriate safety gear in place as well and ensure that their tools are working correctly before beginning any work. They should also ensure that the elevator’s emergency phone is fully functional and connected to 911.

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