How to Find a Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Sale

portable oxygen concentrator for sale

If you need supplemental oxygen, an oxygen concentrator can be a lifesaver. However, they can also be very expensive. Fortunately, you can often find one for sale. While you may be tempted to buy a non-medical portable oxygen concentrator, the FDA warns that they can be dangerous and can interfere with your oxygen levels. Instead, you should only purchase a medical-grade portable oxygen concentrator that has been prescribed by your doctor. URL portable oxygen concentrator for sale –

Inogen G3

The Inogen G3 is a lightweight, quiet portable oxygen concentrator that’s perfect for travel. It weighs only 4.9 pounds with a single battery and operates at a low 39 decibels. It has five pulse settings and a maximum oxygen output of 2 LPM. Plus, it’s FAA approved for travel!

Breathe Easy Anywhere: Where to Find Quality Portable Oxygen Concentrators for Sale

The ARYA portable oxygen concentrator has the best battery power on the market. It can operate on a single battery for up to 4 hours and takes less than three hours to recharge. The ARYA has a unique design that lets you attach extra external batteries, so you can switch them out on the go without interrupting your flow.

When shopping for a portable oxygen concentrator for sale, make sure you check the manufacturer’s warranty and return policy. Ask about restocking fees and whether the company will provide you with a loaner device while yours is in for service. Also, if you’re considering purchasing a used portable oxygen concentrator, check with the seller to see what kind of maintenance it has received. It’s important to know its history—was it maintained correctly (oil-based cleaners can gum up the machine, while water-based cleaners are typically safe) and how it was cleaned after each use?

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