Florida Medical Marijuana Laws

The Florida medical marijuana industry is a juggernaut, transforming the state’s fiscal landscape while providing an essential service to patients. Coupled with the booming tourism industry, Florida’s cannabis sector has made significant strides in job creation, economic stimulation and community development.

How do I get a medicinal card?

The Sunshine State is currently one of a handful of states that allow residents with certain medical conditions to purchase and smoke cannabis for relief of their symptoms. Medical marijuana is regulated by the Florida Department of Health Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) and is only sold through licensed dispensaries known as Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers or MMTCs. Only registered patients with a valid Medical Marijuana Use Registry card can buy marijuana from these facilities. The purchase and possession of marijuana in public places is prohibited, including schools and penal facilities, as well as on any mode of transportation. Taking cannabis into another state where it’s legal is also illegal.

Florida mmj laws on weed have evolved, with certain counties and municipalities offering reforms that essentially decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in those areas. In these locations, individuals who are found in possession of up to 20 grams can receive civil citations instead of criminal charges. These fines range from $75-$100 for the first offense, $150-$250 for the second, and $300-$500 for third and subsequent offenses. Moreover, in these areas, the penalty may be replaced with community service or drug education programs. It is important to understand the current Florida cannabis laws and regulations as they stand.

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