Column Pallet Rack Column Protectors

After spending a substantial amount of money on your warehouse storage system, you’d want to make sure it stays in good shape. Unfortunately, collisions between forklifts and other powered equipment can cause damage to the column guards pallet racking. Damaged racking can collapse and damage the materials stored in it. It can also create hazards for the workers in the area and put them at risk of injury.

How strong are pallet racks?

Fortunately, there is something that can be done to prevent these types of incidents. Column pallet rack protectors are designed to add protection against potential impact damage from fork lifts. They can be bolted to the frame or anchored to the floor, and they come in multiple height options. Metal guards can be welded to the frame or anchored to the floor, while plastic, air filled protectors simply strap or snap onto a pallet rack upright frame.

In addition to protecting the frame columns from dents, these add-on rack protectors can help reduce downtime due to collisions by preventing damaged racks from collapsing. In addition, they can also provide extra structural support for the racking to maintain its original designed capacity.

While forklifts are the primary threat to a storage system, other powered equipment such as automatic guided vehicles (AGV), stackers and personal carriers can also cause damage. While you may not be able to prevent collisions between these other types of equipment and the racking, you can make it difficult for them to get too close by installing bollards or using column pallet rack protectors.

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