Pneumatic Caster Wheels

Pneumatic caster wheels are an effective and economical way to transport and move sensitive loads across a variety of floor surfaces. Pneumatic casters also feature superior shock absorption, which helps to reduce the stress on the load.

Do caster wheels scratch floors?

These wheels are a good option for outdoor applications, as they are lightweight and can roll over debris and uneven surfaces. They are often used on landscaping carts, hand carts, and luggage carts. However, they do require more maintenance than solid caster wheels. Fortunately, pneumatic casters are available in several different types, including semi-pneumatic and air filled.

Semi-pneumatic caster wheels have an extra thick tire that makes them a great choice for working environments. In addition, they are softer than other caster wheels, preventing them from going flat. The rubber edge of the wheel also absorbs shock. This link :

Air filled pneumatic casters are great for navigating through rough and uneven terrain. Aside from these advantages, they are quieter than other types of wheels.

Pneumatic casters are often used in light-duty applications. If you need to transfer large amounts of delicate objects, consider choosing heavy duty models. Also, they are suited for a variety of industries, including manufacturing and shipping operations.

Heavy-duty pneumatic casters are also available for a range of applications, including towing, indoor towing, and outdoor towing. Some models are even designed for outdoor towing, which makes them ideal for towing heavy carts and other equipment.

Pneumatic casters are a great alternative to solid caster wheels. Because they contain air, they are resistant to water, grease, and other elements.

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