How to Play Fishing Frenzy

How to play fishing frenzy? The first thing you need to know about Fishing Frenzy is that it is a game that involves fishing. You have to catch as many colorful fishes as possible, and these fishes will transform into bonuses and raise your scores. Each round is two minutes long, and you must work fast to catch as many fish as you can. You can see the timer in the upper right corner, and your point total and level are shown on the screen as well.

Investigating the Paytable

As you play, you can compete for boats with other players. You can challenge other players by placing your seagull on their boat. To do this, you must play a number of fish tokens equal to the other player’s total, plus one. After you’ve completed this phase, you’ll move on to the Sort the Catch phase.

Another great feature of Fishing Frenzy is its variety of bonus features. If you win, you’ll be able to double your prize. You can also play the gamble game, in which you guess the opposite side of a card. However, if you guess the wrong side of the card, you’ll lose all of your winnings.

The next thing to do is to collect the Fish and Crab cards. To do this, you’ll have to choose which type you want to collect. Then, you’ll have to sort the cards by type. This will allow you to see which player has the most of each type.

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