Is Squawk App Really That Good?

Squawk App Honest Review

squawk app

Squawk is a great app for pilots because it allows them to communicate with air traffic controllers and receive structured information via email. It also allows users to create and share their own experiences with short videos. It is also designed to make logging flight time easy. Its newest features include a weather widget and a flight time calendar. And, it supports OOOI time reporting. What’s not to like?

Squawk is a communication tool between pilots and air traffic controllers

Squawks are unique four-digit codes assigned to aircraft for communication purposes. They enable air traffic controllers to easily identify the location of an aircraft and track its progress through the airspace. Some codes are reserved for specific purposes while others are common to all aircraft. In order to prevent confusion, different codes are assigned to different air traffic control units. Pilots should always listen to the published frequency for the airspace in which they plan to fly.

A MAYDAY situation is signaled by setting squawk 7700. This alerts other airborne units to take action and avoid danger. A sudden loss of cabin pressurization may trigger an emergency descent to a lower level or the MSA. In these situations, pilots should make every effort to communicate their intentions to air traffic controllers as soon as possible.

While pilot-controller voice communications are essential for air safety, they are highly sensitive to a wide variety of factors. Understanding the aircraft operating environment will help pilots and air traffic controllers improve their communications. Listed below are some of these factors:

It provides structured, useful information by email

Pilots are getting rid of paper and are now tied to multiple mobile devices. With The Squawk App, they can report their hours and squawks without writing them down. The app also keeps track of current aircraft time. Pilots can use the Squawk App to enter all this information quickly and easily. The app works across mobile devices and offers a user-friendly, structured data entry form. Pilots can get timely, accurate, relevant data via email, thereby enabling them to focus on what matters most to them. This application can also integrate with existing maintenance applications.

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