The problem that rise from internet and computer

Computer with internet connection is a great way to give us a variety of information and also keep us entertained in this world. There are many things that we can discover in the internet such as information regarding the latest news, games, music and friends from social media and also different kinds of forums. At first glance internet sounds like a great media that can give us a variety of beneficial effect. Of course it is true, however, beyond its benefits if internet is used in different ways it can also give us many bad side effect that we need to know.

Problems that arise from the internet

First of all, in the internet there is also a variety of indecent website that we need to aware of. Indecent website that contains pornographic and sexual theme or even website that has inside content that spread hates. These kinds of website and internet content are one we need to be aware of. Our children are still gullible and do not understand on how to differentiate between good information from the internet and also bad information from the internet. Therefore, it is wise for us to monitor our children activities when they are using the internet.

Even though we keep monitoring our children, we cannot stay tune to them in 24 hours. Therefore there are some time or gap where our children can use the computer to watch indecent and pornographic website content. In order to prevent this, we can use the spy application in our children computer. This spy application will allow us to filter website that have indecent and pornographic content. Additionally it can also be used to block website according to the search result. Therefore we can block pornographic content website I our children computer. One example if a good spy application is the sniperspy spy application