The Easyspy Tools for your Work Partner

The easyspy is a very powerful and unbeatable tool for phone spying. This software is supported to be installed on Android, Samsung phones, LG, HTC, Blackberry, iPhone and many other phones. This application is very cheap and affordable for you. When the other spy software needs almost 30 minutes of installation, the easyspy only takes less than 2 minutes, what a very battery friendly. What else that you need if you can have a powerful software in affordable price and offering you a free lifetime upgrades and support. However, let us talk about the tools that this software has.

By using the easyspy you can read the message or even delete other people’s message. This is very interesting because you can also know about the whole information of the message sender and the date of the message. The next feature is GPS Location. By using the GPS Location you can track the position of the phone that you are spying. This is great to know if your girlfriend or employee lies to you about where and what they do. If you are curious about what is your employee talking about on the cell phone, you can try to use the Call Recording features. This tool can record the phone’s conversation and store it on your phone or the memory card.

The other tool is Stealth Camera that will give you access to take a picture or video secretly. You can take a picture or video from the target phone and save the video on your email or USB. The easyspy also have Social Networking Logs that will record all the activity from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram messaging services. This feature only works for iPhone and Android devices. What an interesting spy software that you can install on your phone.

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